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Waterfall Pump

Waterfall Pump

Calpump Waterfall Pumps are solidly constructed with non-corrosive components, ceramic mechanical seal and a brass insert in the 1 1/4" FNPT discharge (the PW1200 model has a 1" MNPT discharge).


  • Pump construction is completely non-corrosive
  • 20' 16-gauge power cord for convenience
  • Heavy duty motor shaft bearings for longevity
  • Water cooled - no oil
  • Ceramic mechanical seal
  • 6 Month Limited Mfg Warranty

Their water cooled design ensures safe and efficient operation without fear of harm to ornamental fish or aquatic plants. Must be used submerged only!

Hig Volume Waterfall Pumps
Model AMPS
1' 5' 10' 15' 20'
PW1200 1.5 160 1420 19' 1420 1175 790 182 -
PW2500 3.0 265 2650 18.1' 2650 2102 1325 450 -
PW3500 4.2 330 3400 21' 3400 3000 2390 1400 -
PW4500 6.6 465 4900 24' 4900 4350 3475 2530 1385
PW5500 8.7 735 5600 32' 5600 5250 4500 3700 2700

These are the most current specifications as published in the 2010 CalPump catalog!

Item #: PW2500
Calpump PW2500 Waterfall Pump

Our Price: $ 159.90
Item #: PW3500
Calpump PW3500 Waterfall Pump

Our Price: $ 182.65
Item #: PW4500
Calpump PW4500 Waterfall Pump

Our Price: $ 205.40
Item #: PW5500
Calpump PW5500 Waterfall Pump

Our Price: $ 235.95

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