Aqualogic Inline Pond Heaters
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Aqua Logic offers a variety of solutions for your heating requirements. Available in Titanium or Stainless Steel, In line or Direct Immersion, Gas or Electric, Aqua Logic has a heater for every app...
Farm Innovators
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Farm Innovators are leaders in de-icing technology for both farms and homes as well as carrying a wide variety of pet, animal and lawwn & garden products
K and H Manufacturing
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K&H Pond Deicers keep your pond from freezing over all winter long.
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The PondMaster Floating Winter Pond De-Icer is for use in those colder locations where typical winter temperatures result in significant or long-term icing of pond surfaces.
Tetra Pond
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TetraPond water garden experts have developed its newest addition to its product line dedicated to the health of pond fish: the TetraPond De-Icer, a winter survival solution for fish.
Pond Deicers help by keeping a hole open in your pond and allowing gases to escape. Proper gas exchange is crucial to a proper eco-system in the pond or watergarden and a requirement for your koi and/or fish friends. These are usually economical to operate and do not warm the water. These usually have a factory installed preset thermostat that allows the unit to work only when needed when the air temperatures reach below freezing.

Pond Heaters help by warming the water and keeping the entire pond above freezing. This can be a costly feat however it is not essential to bring tropical temps just somewhere in the 40 degree range is plenty. These usually use a user programmable thermostat and work just like the heater in your home. You set the temperature that you would like to obtain and the unit will turn on and off as needed.

Pond Heaters and Deicers

The best selection of cold-weather pond accessories. can help you keep your pond warm and healthy all winter long.