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Muck Vac by Odyssey

Muck Vac by Odyssey

Muck Vac Cleaning System utilizes the laws of fluid dynamics simply with a standard garden hose. The Muck Vac is an easy and versatile vacuum cleaner for ponds and spas, etc.

Muck Vac Cleaning System is easy to use and assemble. Operated by the existing water pressure in most residential faucets (50 psi is usually standard), Muck Vac can suck up most muck and waste from the bottom of any pond or spa. In fact, higher water pressure can create more vacuum power.

Muck Vac Cleaning System will not cause turbidity. No need to displace fish or plants. Muck and waste is vacuumed up the telescopic pole and discharged right out the end of the discharge hose. You can allow it to discharge into a bucket, deck drain or right onto the lawn or garden. The Muck Vac does not add any water into the pond or spa. The water from the garden hose is used purely for creating the vacuum’s suction. However, some water will be displaced from the pond or spa along with the muck and waste.

Complete system includes

  • Muck-Vac power head
  • Vac head with brush
  • Telescoping pole (6ft max)
  • Vacuum hose (10ft)
  • Vac Hose Adapter

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Muck Vac by Odyssey - Convenient and inexpensive Pond Vacuum

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